4 Online Courses Or Platforms To Learn Google Cloud Platform

Learning and understanding Google Cloud Platform at a beginner’s level or an expert level is always a remarkable milestone in your life.

With cloud computing expanding its forces in the twenty-first century, theoretical and practical knowledge of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is essential for those who dream to pursue a career in this field. Even if you want to learn Google Cloud for the fun of it, you can avail yourself of the array of online resources that are easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Google Cloud Platform is one of the most popular cloud computing service providers used by small and large businesses. It offers more than 90 IT services and products that can be used to build, develop and strategise various tools and applications required for the efficient functioning of organizations. While the internet has several resources that you can access to learn GCP, the following four courses and platforms will help you understand its fundamentals and gain expertise in it even if you are a beginner. 

1. “Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for Beginners” by Udemy

This is an introductory course by Udemy that helps you understand the basics of Google Cloud Platform and its functioning. The primary focus of this course is to develop an understanding of the building blocks of GCP namely, Computing, Storage, Networking and Identity Management. It also trains you in a few additional services offered by GCP like Data and Analytics, Databases, Developer Tools, DevOps, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This course is ideal for developers and administrators seeking introductory sessions on GCP, students starting a new career, professionals at the crossroads of career transition and IT workers officials who aim to expand their knowledge base, to name a few.

2. “Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud Engineer Professional Certificate” by Coursera

This professional certificate course by Coursera contains a set of six courses that aid in a comprehensive study of Google Cloud Platform. You gain gradual expertise in this subject through well-structured lectures, demos, lab sessions and presentations. Some of the courses included under this programme deal with the fundamentals and core infrastructure of GCP, core services offered by GCP, architecting and scaling automation using the platform to enhance virtual infrastructure and training to prepare for the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer examination. These courses have a linear gradation and help you in advancing your career in the field of cloud computing. One of the main areas to master in addition to GCP to boost your business and career is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can either learn SEO on Coursera or avail the services of an SEO agency that will meet all your needs with respect to boosting your online presence.

3. “Google Cloud Platform Training Library” by Cloud Academy

This contains a series of intensive courses that start with the basics of GCP and move towards more advanced levels. It contains a variety of beginner courses, learning paths to get certifications, hands-on GCP labs, lab playgrounds and challenges, quizzes and exams. The learners can study GCP at their own pace and will be exposed to an application-level experience that will help in mastering GCP more efficiently within a short duration. This learning programme also offers courses on GCP Data Management Solutions and GCP Machine Learning. 

4. YouTube

The best place to learn Google Cloud Platform for free online is YouTube. The number of learning resources and courses available on this platform is overwhelming. Hence it is imperative that you choose the content that you want to watch after careful research. The quality of these courses and guidelines on GCP that are published on YouTube is not guaranteed. You must take the time and effort to read through the comments of such videos and their reviews to make a well-informed decision. From playlists containing 5-minute videos to 8-hour videos, YouTube provides many training opportunities in the field of GCP and cloud computing. If you choose the right set of videos that are compatible with your learning goals, you can easily master the subject.

These courses and platforms will help you develop yourself both at personal and professional levels. The primary step that you must take before enrolling for a Google Cloud Platform course is to evaluate and enumerate your goals. Why do you want to learn GCP? What do you aim to achieve from learning the fundamentals of GCP? Are you willing to pay a registration fee for gaining expertise in this field? These are some of the questions that you need answers to in order to decide the type, duration and level of GCP course that you want to study. It is always better to choose a certification course if you want your expertise on GCP to be part of your resume with credibility. You might have to pay a nominal fee for such certificate courses as in the case of those offered by Coursera and Udemy. While engaging with free courses on GCP, remember not to sabotage your learning by being subsumed by the volume of resources available at the click of a button. Learning and understanding Google Cloud Platform at a beginner’s level or an expert level is always a remarkable milestone in your life.

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