8 Examples Of High Performance Websites That Are Also Beautiful

The internet is brimming with incredibly inspiring websites for businesses of all sizes. Web design is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a user will stay on your website. Websites play an important role in most businesses, as it helps consumers obtain more information about the business and even interact with its features. Consumers have come to expect lightning-fast website performance not only via their personal systems but also phones, and companies that fail to meet this expectation can possibly lose their audience and customers. Consumers now have shorter attention span, therefore, an attractive website is a must. It should also be easy to navigate and helpful with information. Here are some of the best high-performance websites that are also visually very appealing.

1. H&M

Google PageSpeed Insights Performance Score: 100/100

You’re likely aware of H&M – they’re a Swedish multinational clothing company that’s wildly popular worldwide. They also clearly understand the importance of a high performance website for converting visitors into paying customers, as their PageSpeed performance is extremely high. Their website is simple and makes use of white space to improve navigation for users. 

2. Best Buy

Google PageSpeed Insights Performance Score: 90/100 

Best Buy is one of America’s largest consumer electronics stores. Performance is critical for them, as a large amount of their annual sales are performed through their website rather than retail stores. Along with being a highly performant site, the vibrant graphics attract users with feelings of trust, satisfaction and quality guarantee. Colour selection is a great way to showcase the values of a company.

3. Guide to Europe

Google PageSpeed Insights Performance Score: 96/100

Guide to Europe is a well-designed, simple, and easily accessible website that helps aspiring travellers to Europe find various vacation packages across the continent. They showcase articles and blogs giving travel information about the hotels and places to stay in Europe. When you look at this website, you’ll notice that the clean design is what draws the user’s attention. The elements contribute to the user’s convenience and speed, so they aren’t left in a deep pit of the site attempting to figure out how to navigate to what they want. According to the lead frontend developer at Guide to Europe, “our website has a score of 98 on Google’s pagespeed insights tool, owing to its extremely high and great performance”. You can easily avail booking and cancellation options with Guide to Europe. 

4. MAD

Google PageSpeed Insights Performance Score: 97/100

MAD is an innovative digital design firm. Its website has been made in a way that takes interaction to a whole new level. It is not only extremely colorful and attention-grabbing but also fun to browse through. With its unique features like altering the MAD logo, and moving certain elements on the website around, it ensures that a user spends at least a few minutes interacting with its various features. 

5. Seeking Alpha

Google PageSpeed Insights Performance Score: 88/100

Seeking Alpha is primarily a website that has information about investment and related strategies, but it is extremely interactive. The website is easy to navigate and is quite simply designed, yet makes a powerful impact on the user’s mind. Its information is carefully optimized to ensure that the user learns some interesting and new when they visit the website. The platform provides useful information about various investments that can be done depending on all types of factors. 

6. iHerb

Google PageSpeed Insights Performance Score: 93/100

An online wellness store that has a website that provides seamless navigation to its customers. It is easy to understand at a glance and checkout can be done with ease. When it comes to retail platforms, the most important factor is how easily customers can view the product catalogue and make their purchase. If it’s too complicated, it might turn off customers and they would go to a different website instead. iHerb doesn’t have this problem, plus it is also bright and cheery, which can increase customer satisfaction. 

7. B&H Photo Video

Google PageSpeed Insights Performance Score: 88/100

B&H Photo Video is a retail site selling cameras and equipment. Customers can easily find what they are looking for and browse through various categories such as “lighting”, “audio”, etcetera. Aside from their clear categorization, they also provide articles with interesting insights in the field of photography and how to bring their works to the next level. They also have a review section that can show potential customers the quality of the equipment as well as what kind of results they can expect, which is something that would definitely intrigue customers and help them back a better decision.

8. Zalora

Google PageSpeed Insights Performance Score: 91/100

A fast fashion e-commerce site with loud but complementary colors that will pull in the viewer’s attention. As a fashion website, it needs to focus on its aesthetics, which it does very well. There isn’t anything that is out of place and yet it is easily understood. Some websites tend to go over the top with their designs which muddle their main message and confuse the viewers. It’s not the case with Zalora, which makes it a point to highlight only what they need to highlight in order to gently convert their viewers into buyers. 

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