Make Google Work For Your Digital Marketing Needs

Utilizing Google analytics to create a cohesive marketing plan.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a company selling a product that has a niche market, or a high fashion brand that strives to appeal to the masses. The fact is that both companies will need to rely on digital marketing in order to get the word out about their products. How do you reach your relevant audience? Who is your target audience? You can actually find the answers on the many tools that Google has at your disposal, the only secret is how to utilize them. 

Google Analytics to offer better insight into your target audience and their behavior

Google is so much more than just a collaborative tool, a search engine, or an email provider. They also provide much needed information through analytics. 

While you will not be able to use the data from Google analytics to create a cohesive marketing plan to make viewers into clients, you can use it to better understand how your audiences are reacting to your products and content. When you master the art of web analytics, you will have a higher viewer retention rate, which equates to better visibility on the search engine, and boosting your credibility. 

Marketing isn’t always about shoving your product or services into someone else’s face, but more so about ensuring that your products are being noted down and ingrained into your audience’s memory on a subconscious level so that one day when they have need of a particular service or product, your name comes to mind. 

That’s why having a website in today’s landscape is becoming increasingly essential. It’s no longer a bonus to have a website, it’s a must. Much like how you once needed a storefront (before the days of the internet), all businesses require a virtual address for potential customers to visit. Google reports that site owners should “Keep the site relevant and updated regularly to help boost search engine optimization (SEO).”

Boost your SEO with Google

SEO is basically optimizing your website for Google – you can also do it for other search engines, but every search engine uses a different algorithm. Since Google is the biggest search engine and one that’s most frequently used, when people talk about SEO, they are usually referring to Google optimization. 

  1. Use the search function to research keywords

If you want to rank for “sports shoes”, you should first check out the competition. It will give you a good idea about how you want to phrase your headline and who you are competing with. If it’s a big company like Nike, you’re better off ranking for some other keyword because unless you grow to be bigger than a 58-year-old brand that’s been a relatively common fixture in our sports-based and consumerist economy, you will never be able to rank top for those keywords that a big corporation is already ranking for. 

With this practice, you will also be able to see whether your current meta description and headline is enticing enough to stand its own against those results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

  1. Discover new keywords with Google Keyword Planner

At a loss when coming up with new keywords to rank for? We’ve all been there. Sometimes the best keywords are just out of mind, even if it seems obvious once we discover it. You no longer have to struggle with Google Keyword Planner. This nifty tool will show you relevant keywords and how many searches are performed. Optimizing your website for those popular keywords is another way to rank for SEO. 

  1. Get notified when your site or brand is mentioned

Something that there’s been a growing market for is link building. While most people buy links the way they buy online followers, it’s also possible to build a collaborative relationship with reputable publications and ask for a placement. However, Google rewards organic linking best and if you are able to find out which website noticed and has mentioned you, you can also reach out to them and ask that they link back to your website. A diverse link profile, regardless of Domain Authority (DA), can help boost your page’s visibility. 

Get the highest level of visibility by boosting results

Ultimately, Google is a business that deals in results and visibility. If you want your business to shine, you can either play by their rules such as being HIPAA texting compliant, or pay your dues. Once you meet a certain criteria, you will become eligible to bid for the top results on Google’s SERP. It will not come easy, because you’ll be bidding for that top spot, but the results will be instantaneous. However, if you’re willing to do things the hard way – which is to say, the organic method, all the more power to you and your business, because statistics have shown that people are less receptive to advertising and distrust any publicity that’s been paid for.

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