Online Shop and Google Enter New Partnership For Development Of New AI Powered Solutions For Critical Data Management, Marketing & Cloud Storage

Leading executives from Google and Online Shop began discussions of possible partnership as early as April 2022 and have come to agreement to join forces this month. 

Online Shop Technologies LTD., (GB) referred herein as “Online Shop” and Alphabet Inc., (US) referred herein as “Google” have come to an agreement for a new working partnership after current Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet Inc., Sundar Pichai began pushing for greater co-operation with leading technology and data infrastructure providers within the European region that are aiming to establish a foothold in the Americas, mainly United States and Canada. 

Online Shop, led by current Chief Executive Officer of Online Shop Technologies LTD., Terry McGinnis has seen significant successes in development of Artificial Intelligence processes which work to process thousands of queries a second for successful optimization of content, delivery of content and automatic detection of blacklisted content. Leading executives from Google and Online Shop began discussions of possible partnership as early as April 2022 and have come to agreement to join forces this month. 

The agreement details that both companies will share talent and knowledge freely to develop, maintain and continue to contribute open source libraries and software that will enable small businesses to quickly and effectively launch shopfronts and process critical user data in safest way possible, ensuring critical customer details are distributed and stored in the safest and most privacy compliant way possible. 

The technology currently developed and provided by Online Shop enables several thousand current vendors on its marketplace platform to deliver fast and efficiently optimized content to thousands of visitors per day with little to no lag and industry leading obfuscation of customer data. The technology also enables swift registration, optimized upload speeds and maintenance of products catalogues using unified query API’s.

With a shift in business trajectory, Online Shop is aiming to release some of this technology as an open source initiative, helping to foster a growing developer community, eager to advance e-commerce, fitting Google’s new policies of helping more smaller businesses succeed in the open market. Both Google and Online Shop will aim to work towards a unified database of catalogued information, co-operation of software development and other releases under Open Source Initiative (OSI). Both companies have pledged to contribute significant talent and resources to provide deliverables to business users of both Google and Online Shop.

In addition, over 100 businesses located in the State of New York have joined the new incentive and will provide valuable data for research and development of a new machine learning algorithm for storage and optimization under a “skunkworks” moniker with valuable resources being attributed in an effort to help and win dominance in an overcrowded market of proprietary Artificial Intelligence based software solutions. 

The current executive management structure of Alphabet Inc., overseeing the co-operation consists of John LeRoy Hennessy, Sundar Pichai, Lawrence E. Page and Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin. The management board of Online Shop Technologies LTD., consists of Terry McGinnis, Siraaj Ahmed, Michelle Byun, Robin Vauvelle, Ziad Barakat and Alan Zadeh

The knowledge, experience and prowess of Online Shop in the e-commerce sector will enable Google and Google powered and assisted services to provide better products, and services to its own business users trying to utilize state of the art e-commerce technology under Google’s retail specialist sector. Google will also work towards providing better and friendlier advertiser services which encompass a large proportion of e-commerce functions for its Marketing Platform in tandem with Online Shop with further support from Online Shop to create a more flexible integration of point-of-sale (PoS) software for Google’s physical retail locations.

Several plugins for Cloud, Analytics, Data Studio and Ads products (Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360) are being developed by Google for Online Shop’s new in-app marketplace for business users, enabling for quick and effortless integration of Google powered and enabled products into every shopfront launched with Online Shop. In return, Online Shop will provide valuable insight and development support for more flexible and e-commerce integrated Cloud, Analytics and Ads products solutions.

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