Top Google Cloud Games For Users

Users can enjoy online gaming experience with superfast speed and smooth cloud storage service by using Google cloud game services.

Google Cloud Platform provides Google cloud game services through the four products: Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Google Big Query and Google Cloud Storage. With these cloud game services, users can enjoy online gaming experience with superfast speed and smooth cloud storage service. In this article, we will introduce you three top-rated google cloud games below, hoping that you will like them:


It is similar to other games like Geocaching, where players travel around the real world to collect items and battle against each other in virtual arenas. The game was created by a Google team called Niantic Labs, who has also developed Pokemon Go. Players can choose between two factions: The Enlightened and The Resistance.Players are required to register an account with either faction before they begin playing Ingress. To create their account, they must log into their google account on the Ingress website and then select which faction they want to join. After choosing a side, players can explore cities across the globe with different portals that require hacking skills or puzzle solving abilities. As you explore, you will uncover important information about how the other group is trying to control your city. One of my favourite things about this game is that it’s available globally without any geographical barriers so players from all over the world can participate.

Terra Battle

It’s easy to see why Terra Battle is such a popular google cloud game. It has stunning graphics and features an epic story line. Players can choose from various classes that each have unique abilities and special moves. The gameplay is fun and addicting, with a variety of ways to play, including single player and multiplayer modes. Plus it’s free. So what are you waiting for? Download the game and start playing now.You won’t regret it. With this great infrastructure, Terra Battle offers its users plenty of challenges and quests in a way that doesn’t seem too difficult or impossible. The terra boards make the world feel even more alive as they explore the new landscapes. You’ll also be fighting monsters along your journey so prepare yourself.

Twilight Pioneers

The game is a mix of card collection and chess. Players are able to match cards with one another in order to cast spells that can be used against the opponent. The story involves two kingdoms, each fighting over the land they live on. At first, it appears that Twilight Pioneers is just your typical card collecting game but there’s much more than meets the eye. Cards represent various units on the battlefield such as soldiers or mages and can be matched together to create powerful attacks or defences. Victory requires players to make wise decisions when building their deck which means they have to think strategically. One of the best parts about this game is that if you don’t want to spend all day playing a single session, you can log off and come back later.

Fire Emblem Heroes

The Fire Emblem series has a long and storied history of producing some of the most engaging, tactical, and well-crafted experiences in all of video games. However, with this latest release, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have done something new: they’ve made the game accessible to more players than ever before. The game is available on iOS and Android devices as well as through your web browser. You can also use a keyboard on your computer if you want to play in an online mode with others. In addition, even though it’s called Heroes, there are no superheroes here. Instead, you’ll control members of the various Hoshidan and Nohrian families that make up the world of Fire Emblem Heroes’ continent of Askran.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

This game has been praised by reviewers as an addictive RPG that will keep players entertained for hours at a time. It is also lauded for its incredibly high replay value, with each of the ten playable jobs having four levels and corresponding quests to explore. With such depth and variety, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is undoubtedly one of the best cloud games on the market. Cloud infrastructure allows all this content to be stored remotely so you can access it anywhere, anytime. For example, many gamers use cloud infrastructures like cloud hosting because of their reliability and scalability. When new servers are added to Cloud hosting systems, customers don’t experience any downtime or interruptions in service because they are automatically connected to those servers during off-peak times.

Dragalia Lost

An action-packed mobile RPG, Dragalia Lost is a game that encourages you to get out and explore the world. The game features beautiful hand-drawn graphics and original music from renowned composer Yoko Shimomura. Players can choose from four heroes (each with their own set of skills) before setting off on an epic adventure. Along the way, players will meet new allies to join in the fight against evil. From new friendships to breathtaking discoveries, there’s no limit to what you’ll find on your journey. Explore sprawling regions filled with quests, treasure chests, and wild beasts. Upgrade your gear using materials gathered throughout the lands to power up weapons like swords or bows. Forge relationships by trading valuable resources or finding curative items for townsfolk in need of help. With friends at your side, return life to once desolate areas such as Cursed Valley.

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