Understanding Google Cloud Platform And Its Advantages

Google is continuously enhancing its technology and platforms to provide better solutions to its customers.

We are sure that you have already watched videos or trailers on YouTube, used google maps to find your way, or have a Gmail account. All of these google products (and of course more) have found a special place in our daily lives. We have interacted with them in one way or another; if not, then at least we all have heard about them.

But today we are going to talk about a google product about which you might not have heard of – Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

But before we dive into explaining what it is, what are its advantages, and more, there is something you need to understand first, i.e. cloud computing.

To put it simply, cloud computing is ‘accessing and storing data over the internet, instead of doing it on your personal hard drive.’ You can access this data and files through logins from any connected device. There are multiple services like storage, database, and networking that come under cloud computing. Since there is no physical space or drive that is being used for this exercise, it frees up a lot of processing power and opens doors for sharing and collaboration of data from different physical locations, given the devices are connected to the internet.

Now if you are wondering where or when I can use a cloud platform, then read on.

In reality, there are many instances where a cloud platform can come in handy. One of them can be when you want to take your business digital. This means that when you want to make your services be accessible to your customers through an application. 

For example, if you have a knock down rebuild business then you might want to help home builders estimate the size and structure of the area that needs to be rebuilt. 

A cloud platform can be helpful in pooling that data and providing relevant insights for a smooth and smart business.

GCP is one such cloud provider. It is a public cloud vendor. This platform includes a wide range of services like storage, application development, compute, machine learning, and more, that run on Google hardware. Software developers, cloud administrators, and other enterprises IT professionals can easily access these services over the public internet or through a dedicated network connection.

Here are few advantages of GCP are as following:

1. Private Network
Google provides its own network to every customer who subscribes to its platform. This means more control and scalability over the network. The fiber optics cables bear any amount of traffic and allow you to get maximum time and efficiency.

2. Competitive pricing
GCP plans are economically way sounder than other platforms which offer cloud services. It supports a billing model based on a per-second billing plan. And it is super easy to avail of this service. All that you need to do is simply sign up with all the details that are required. But ensure that you have a credit card or other important bank details handy. 

Moreover, you do not have to pre-pay. There is even a trial version which can be availed for free. Another advantage of their billing and contractual model is that you will not be bound by its subscription. You can stop the plan at any instance and switch to any other plan at your convenience.

3. Security
Google uses its own security model, which is used to protect data on Gmail, YouTube, and other products. They encrypt all the data and Google has a powerful network of ISPs. This further strengthens their security. They have a team of highly efficient and talented security professionals who continuously work towards enhancing the security of data on servers.

4. Backup that is redundant
By definition, redundancy means that you can reduce something if it is no longer required. Google has its own built-in redundant backups. If there is something or some part that is not functioning or active, it will create a backup on its own. This means that your data will never be lost, even if it is not being used. Technically, it is getting stored at a minimum of two locations and you can access it anytime. This makes it a reliable and durable platform that ensures data integrity.

5. Live Migration
This is one of the most unique features of Google Cloud. It allows live migration of virtual machines. There will never be any change in the functioning and performance of your VMs, even when they are being shifted.

The bottom line is Google Cloud Platform is one of the most reliable, flexible, economical, and efficient cloud platforms that are currently available in the market. Its unique features make it secure and allow full control. Google is continuously enhancing its technology and platforms to provide better solutions to its customers. But some people have raised latency issues with GCP. But according to us, it is nothing when compared to its advantages. 

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